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What do our clients say about us?

Having been in business for 54 years, with over 30 years’ experience in Third-Party Administration and a highly skilled staff, FBA has changed the way employers manage their employee benefit plans. Our full-service administration simplifies the processes, yet allow each of our clients to continue to offer a fulfilling plan option to their valuable employees. Our in-house expertise and in-depth knowledge of plan regulations set us apart from other benefit administrators. FBA clients range from a group with two participants to those with over 30,000 participants.  FBA is proud to say that the first client from 1985 is still a client today.

"Thank you so much for all of your help, you and your team are amazing"

"Many thanks for following up on that Leanne!  You guys have been amazing from the get-go.  I truly do appreciate all that you are doing to make business like ours succeed!"  

"It's so much easier to use our Flex Spending since FBA started to work with us.  We love the turnaround time for claims, the card is so easy to use and not having to validate every single card swipe has been AWESOME!"

"OE ended today and we had a three fold increase in enrollments!  Suzanne was a great support during the meetings."