Non-Discrimination Testing


A non-discrimination test must be performed when implementing a flexible benefit plan. Employers must also consider the ownership of the company and determine who may participate. For instance, in a Subchapter S Corporation, anyone who is more-than-2% shareholder, or a member of an LLC, cannot participate in the pre-tax benefit plan.

Under IRS regulations, Section 125 plans (also known as Cafeteria Plans) benefit from favorable tax treatment. As such, there are certain non-discrimination rules in place to ensure that these plans do not favor highly compensated or key employees over other classes of employees. As an optional service, Flexible Benefit Administrators, Inc. can provide non-discrimination testing for Section 125 plans to ensure these plans are within compliance guidelines and recommend improvements, if necessary, should a benefit program not meet the requirements.

Our Services Include:

  • Standard testing packages that include 25% Pre-Tax, or Section 125, Concentration Test and the Dependent Care 55% Concentration Test
  • Additional testing available includes Group Term-Life and Self-Funded Plan Testing

If you are interested in a quote for testing services, please reach out to your team.


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