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Flexible Spending Account

How can I find out the balance of my FSA account?

  • Flexible Benefit Administrators, Inc. allows you to check your balance 24-hours a day. Click on “Account Login” to access your account.
  • Call the Toll-Free Help Line at 800-437-3539 to speak with a live Customer Service Representative during business hours, 8:30AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday EST.
  • Email FlexDivision@flex-admin.com and get a response within one business day.
  • A statement of your account will be attached to the check or direct deposit explanation of benefits when you get reimbursed for a claim.

What is a Flexible Benefit Plan?

  • A benefit provided by your employer, which allows you to set aside a certain amount of income per pay period into an account before paying taxes on your paycheck. You may then, during the Plan Year, be directly reimbursed from your flexible spending account (FSA) for qualified expenses as outlined in your Plan’s communication materials.
  • There may be different types of accounts available in your Flexible Spending Account: Healthcare Reimbursement, Dependent Care Reimbursement, Private Insurance, and Adoption Assistance.

How do I file a claim?

  • Complete a Claim Form with your name, company, employee ID number and a list of your incurred expenses. Attach your receipts and itemized documentation to support your claim and eligible expenses. Submit the Claim Form and itemized documentation to our office via fax, mail, or email. You can fax your claim to 757-431-1155, email your claim to FlexDivision@flex-admin.com, or you can mail your claim to our office at the following address:
    Flexible Benefit Administrators
P.O. Box 8188

    Virginia Beach, Virginia 23450
  • Please only use one submission method per claim to avoid duplication. For example, if you fax your claim, please do not also mail it. This may cause confusion and delay your reimbursement.

Where can I get the forms needed to submit with my documentation?

  • You can find all of the forms under the Participants section on our HOME page.  The form that you may need will be in the box for the type of account that you have.

Can I be reimbursed for vitamins or over-the-counter (OTC) medicines? What if my doctor recommends them?
There are three categories of OTC purchases when relating to eligibility for reimbursement under a Health Flexible Spending Account. They are:

  1. As of January 1, 2011, over the counter mediations are no longer eligible for reimbursement without a prescription or letter of medical necessity.
    1. Examples of non-affected items are blood pressure monitors, diabetic supplies, crutches, ace bandages, etc.
  2. Eligible: Over the counter medications with a prescription or letter of medical necessity are still eligible.
    1. Examples of over the counter medications that this affects are: acid controllers, allergy and sinus medications, cold, cough and flu medications, digestive aids, sleep aids and stomach remedies.
  3. Dual Purpose Drugs and Items – Items that have both a medical and cosmetic or personal purpose require a medical practitioner’s letter of medical necessity for the treatment. Some examples are pills for lactose intolerance, weight-loss drugs, OTC hormone therapy, Glucosamine and prenatal vitamins. Please click here to download the Letter of Medical Necessity Form.
  4. Ineligible – Items that are considered dietary supplements, toiletries, cosmetics or personal use items cannot be reimbursed under any circumstances. Some examples are multivitamins, herbal/natural supplements, face creams/washes, toothbrushes and weight-loss foods.

What happens if there is money left in my account at the end of the Plan Year and I have not incurred any more eligible expenses?

  • There is still a "use it or lose it rule". If you did not incur the expenses during the plan year, you will forfeit the funds left in your account. Any unused contributions cannot be paid to you or carried over into another plan year. Before signing-up to participate in the plan, carefully estimate your yearly healthcare expenses in order to decide your election amount.
  • Remember: You will have a run-out period after your Plan Year ends, as decided by your employer and stated in your Flexible benefit Plan Employee Guide, to submit any claims or outstanding paperwork for expenses incurred during your Plan Year.