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Group & Retiree Billing

Retiree Administration and Billing Services - At A Glance

We understand the unique needs that surround servicing your retiree population and can design an administrative process to manage their group benefits program with your guidance. Because we provide full-service administration, you save time and money, and are able to focus your time on other areas of your business that need you most. Our administrative services include:

  • Customized Administrative Service Plan
  • Providing all communications to eligible Retiree participants
  • Monthly coupon billing
  • Itemize subsidy amounts
  • Premium withdrawn from pension checks
  • Invoice remittance to carriers
  • Retiree coverage enrollment and termination
  • Online Employer Access

We can also provide Consolidated Billing Services for active employees' core and voluntary benefit plans, with monthly invoice reconciliation and direct payment to each insurance carrier. We understand that the maintenance of tracking and disbursing premiums to all of your carriers in a timely manner each month can be a daunting task. That’s why we aim to relieve those administrative duties and execute them effectively and efficiently for you. We have the technology to coordinate your processes between multiple vendors.

Our Consolidated Billing Services encompasses all benefit plans and plan types including:

  • Medical / Dental / Vision
  • Life / Disability / AD&D
  • FSA / EAP
  • Other plans as specified by client

Employer’s wishing to reduce the burden of tracking and collecting employee premiums while on a leave of absence will welcome our customized Direct Billing Administration. This service also provides a seamless transition to our COBRA services should you have an employee who does not return from a leave of absence.

We will provide the following services for Direct Billing Services:

  • Monthly Invoicing to the Employee on LOA
  • Tracking of collected premiums while on LOA
  • Disbursement of collected premiums while on LOA
  • Employee option to pay by ACH of Funds