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November 1, 2019

Community Outreach: Samaritan House

The last month here at FBA we have completely revamped our community outreach program. Every month we have decided to choose one organization to partner with to donate and raise awareness for their cause. We have noticed that our employees enjoy being able to help the community while at work. It gives them all the “feel good” feels while completing their daily tasks in the office.

This October we chose the Samaritan House of Virginia. Their mission is to raise awareness and end domestic violence and human trafficking. It was a true honor to participate in a donation drive for them as well as in their annual Paint 757 Purple campaign. Thank you to Ed and Eva from the Samaritan House who helped us coordinate all the drop-off and details of the drive. It wouldn’t have been this successful without your help and expertise. Thank you to Ed for giving us a tour around the Samaritan House and teaching us more about the services you offer for these victims. It was truly an eye-opening experience. Here are some recap images from our drive & support:

Samaritan house donation drive

paint 757 purple

clothing drive

donation drive

Samaritan House of Virginia

Samaritan house of VA