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June 24, 2021

New FBA Mobile Billing App

for COBRA, Leave of Absence Billing, and Retiree Billing

Introducing the new FBA Mobile Billing App available now.

The new FBA Mobile Billing App is available for COBRA, Leave of Absence Billing, and Retiree Billing participants. The FBA Mobile Billing App is an easy-to-use mobile experience that allows participants to manage their accounts right from their finger tips. 

  • Make a Payment – Participants can make one-time payments
  • Communication Activity – Instant access to all letters and packets that have been mailed
  • Payment Information – Participants quickly see which benefits they are enrolled in and when they need to make their next payment
  • Recurring Payments – Setup/update recurring ACH payments
  • Payment History – Participants can view their full payment history, including future payments

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