Flexible Benefit Administrators, Inc. (FBA) offers retiree billing as an employee benefits administration service that is designed to compliment an employer’s overall benefit strategy. Our goal is to streamline the flow of processing payments between employer groups and their retirees by providing ourselves as the single point of contact for all transactions.

Retiree Billing

A client’s obligation to maintain, track, and disburse premiums to countless plan carriers can be a daunting task. By implementing FBA’s Direct Vendor Billing service, we relieve those duties and execute them effectively and efficiently. We make it our priority to communicate with you every step of the way to minimize the hassle of coordinating between multiple vendors and databases.

Direct Vendor Billing

Direct Billing 

Direct billing relieves the burden of collecting premiums when deducting from payroll is not an option. As your third-party administrator (TPA), FBA will handle notifying the participant what payments are due, provide a means to make the payment, provide notification when proper payment is not received and remit any received payments to the client.

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