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"Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning."

We work with brokers all over the world from global broker firms down to your smaller broker firms. When it comes to our partnership, we are an "all-in" partner. Being family owned, a lot of our core values as a family pour into our relationships with our brokers and clients. We understand your wants and needs when it comes to a partnership with us.

We Take Pride in Our Partnerships

the latest technology

Year after year, FBA places capital towards our technological initiative to reduce the administration burden on our clients so their employees can focus their attention where needed most. With these advantages our employer groups are able to completely automate their benefits program.


train the trainer

As a partner with us we provide training to all of our clients' HR departments. This training helps increase employee engagement in the benefit programs they offer.


finalist presentation support

We understand the complexity of employee benefits. Let us know how we can support you during any finalist presentation to help you secure those clients.


enrollment fairs & meetings

We understand the many questions that employees may have when it comes to their employee benefits. Let us help serve your clients by assisting in enrollment fairs and meetings.


employer & employee portals

All our clients have 24/7 access to their benefits information via our online portal system. They can access their portal via web browser or through our FBA mobile app.


education for employers & employees

We provide top of the line education for all of our employers and their employees. Through the use of technology we provide custom training videos, PowerPoints, webinars, and more. 


keeping our partners competitive

We offer our partners special low rates, education, and legal knowledge to keep them competitive in the market. 


white label brokering

Save your company time and money by utilizing our white labeling services. Our white labeling program offers custom education materials, marketing materials, custom email campaigns and more. 


What you can expect partnering with us...

Our Numbers



1 mil +


Currently FBA services over 6,500 clients nationwide.

FBA's largest client has over 45,000 employees.

FBA covers over 1 million lives.

FBA services 5,525 + clients with over 2,000 employees.

Your clients can expect

live phone support

dedicated team

education materials

mobile app

direct point of contact

custom training videos

Our clients receive education and training sessions for employees and benefits staff.

At FBA we have live phone and chat support to help maintain our superior customer service.

The FBA app lets you manage your account from your fingertips 24/7. 

We provide all of our employers with training videos to equip them with the tools they need to drive employee engagement up.

In addition to the dedicated team, your clients will also have a direct point of contact for the duration of their contract.

Clients have a dedicated Benefits Team to administer all account aspects for duration of contract.