Pre-Tax Plans

Pre-tax plans come in a variety of options and are available through specific sections of the IRS code. These plans save money on Federal, FICA, and State taxes for both the employer and employee groups. Pre-tax plans you may consider implementing are:


other benefit plans

flexible spending

health savings

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Benefits card

customer service

customized communication


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Educational TRAINING

Data Processing

Technological Advancements

Clients have a dedicated Benefits Team to administer all account aspects for duration of contract.

We provide customized communication materials to maximize participant opt in.

FBA works hand-in-hand with your company to provide services your employees will come to depend on for years. 

The Benefits Card is a convenient option to offer participants to reduce out-of-pocket costs.  

Our IT Department has the ability to accept and process data through a multitude of methods. 

Our clients receive education and training sessions for employees and benefits staff.

FBA has partnered with the FSAStore & HSAStore, the one-stop shop for all things FSA & HSA.

Our Secure File Transfer Protocol website and mobile application makes managing benefits easy.

The FBA Difference